Digital Marketing Services

Take your business to next level with the help of DIGITAL MARKETING SERVICES

If you wish to take your business to the next level in this digital era, then there is no more convenient way than digital marketing. Many people who are not familiar with digital marketing services believe that it is merely selling the company’s products and services online. But that is not true!

Let me tell you clearly; it is something which has become necessary in the current marketplace, something which can help you grow your business globally, something you need a whole team of professionals to tackle it. Now it seems something big, right?

There are hundreds of companies in your area and billions of them across the globe, selling somewhat similar products and goods, making it difficult to spread your business in the particular market. Digital marketing assists your brand by spreading your brand’s voice across the target audience and thus help in increasing your market efficiency in a shorter duration.

How do they do so?

Have a look at what makes digital marketing services so special for those, who want to take their business to the next level.

SMM or Social media marketing

You just can’t talk about digital platforms without mentioning social media. No doubt, social media is not only among the most browsed websites on the internet, but it is a popular choice among digital marketing agencies as it provides wide exposure to the brand in the quickest time. From being a platform to connect with a million of the target audience to serving your client better with one on one interaction, social media marketing offers benefits not only to the brand but also to the customers that are connected with the brand.

SEO or Search engine optimization

SEO or Search engine optimizationSearch engine optimization is the core of digital marketing services as it provides significant scope to create awareness about your brand. Everybody goes through the first or only the second page of the search result when he or she wants to buy any product from online marketplace. So even if your products are of good quality and a price cheaper than your competitors, is there any benefit of it if you cannot spread this word among the audience? SEO brings the traffic of the interested audience towards your brand by ranking it higher on the search engine through relevant keywords and thus play a decisive role in marketing.

Pay per click or PPC

Pay per click is beneficial in generating sales-ready leads for your brand and increasing visitors to your company’s website. As the name suggests, it costs you some penny every time a visitor clicks on your company’s search engine advertisement. With this effective marketing strategy, you can develop a crowd of potential customers at the cost of little bucks spent. As only the interested audience will most likely to click on your brand’s search result, PPC ensures the increase in the company’s revenue by turning the interested audience into the potential customers.

Content marketing

Content marketingContent is the king, and we hail to good content! Content is everywhere, be it your company’s website, campaign advertisement, SEO, social media post, or running ads, no digital marketing service is complete without content. Content marketing plays a significant role in connecting the brand with their audience and promoting its product and services. You need effective content for your website or advertisement that grabs the public attention as well as delivers the right amount of information about the product. Moreover, it is essential to overall build your brand’s persona.

DataSlexIndia is a multi-process IT outsourcing company in India with its team of skilled professionals working tirelessly to deliver their clients with the best digital marketing experience.

Professional App Development Companies

Advantages of Software Development Outsourcing to India

Using resources outside the business for business development is termed as outsourcing. Outsourcing options can be exercised to cut down the cost, quicken the process, and utilize the expertise efficiently. You can consider the following advantages of software development outsourcing to India.

Reduction of expenses 

Software companies in the US, Canada, Europe, and other countries can outsource their application development activities to India. The software application development with the in-house team is costly. The manpower cost and business operations cost can be decreased drastically by paying fixed cost per resource utilization. The dedicated and talented workforce in India can deliver the work at less cost. It will increase the profitability of the software organization.

Pay less for expertise 

Hiring an expert on the latest technologies incur enormous costs for the software development company. The technology will be updated regularly, and it is difficult to hire full-time employees as per change in technology. The gap can be amply filled by outsourcing the work to India. The outsourcing team is specialized in the task, and they will deliver quality work at a low price.

Delivery timeline 

You can adhere to your project timeline without any issues when you have access to a reliable outsourcing partner in India. Web development and mobile development apps are time-sensitive. If there is a huge drag in the delivery of the project, you may lose prospective clients. As you hire an experienced mobile development company, there will be the least stress on your internal resources. You can fulfill the requirements of your client as per the project delivery timeline.

Up-to-date communication 

Talented Software ProfessionalsWith the establishment of up-to-date communication with the outsourcing partner in India, you will be able to trace the progress of the project at any point in time. Your outsourcing partner will process the change requests and modifications and other requests in a seamless manner. With regular online meetings, the management will be able to monitor the developments of the project. Last-minute delays can be avoided with effective planning with the outsourcing partner.

Focus on core business 

There will be a tremendous improvement in your business growth and performance, as you will be able to focus on core business activities without any issues. You will implement the best marketing strategy when you can assign the routine tasks and specialized tasks to the outsourcing partner. Many professional app development companies in India can overcome all the bottlenecks in the app development process.

End to End solutions 

You can subscribe to complete business solutions when you have access to end-to-end mobile and web app development companies in India. The user interface, coding, and development frameworks can be designed and implemented as per your needs by your outsourcing partner in India.


Experienced Mobile Development CompanyAfter deploying the application, you should get support from the outsourcing partner. The maintenance phase should not be troublesome as it should cater to customers’ needs due to a change in user behavior or technology change. You can sign a contract with your outsourcing partner to get the best solutions.


As Indian outsourcing has talented software professionals offering high-end solutions at an affordable price, you can save money on various fronts and expand business operations by choosing the best outsourcing partner.

MySQL Development Services

Key Benefits of MySQL Development Services

MySQL is a popular database used by most of the websites. The Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) uses Structured Query Language, and it facilitates the addition, retrieval, and manipulation of the database in a very efficient manner. Thus, it has become the prime database of online pioneers, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Yahoo.

The following are key benefits of MySQL Development Services:

Data security 

MySQL is a secure DBMS platform. Most of the online sites which deal with sensitive data depend upon MySQL. The personal information of users will be safe with the usage of MySQL. Popular Content Management Systems (CMS) such as Joomla, Drupal, and WordPress implement MySQL for database management.

Excellent performance 

The database administration can be done in an excellent way as a robust storage engine framework facilitates the data configuration. E-commerce portals can depend upon the reliable MySQL database as the data can be accessed in real-time at lightning speeds. The sparkling memory caches and quick indexes are significant attractions of MySQL.


The database can be customized as per your business needs in a very efficient manner. Various kinds of applications can be managed in the best possible way as the database can be adapted to your needs without any complications.

24/7 uptime 

MySQL has master/slave replication, and it implements cluster servers. Hence, the servers are available on a 24/7 basis. MySQL is considered as the best database server to fulfill the needs of diverse application users.

Affordable solution 

If you are looking for an affordable RDBMS for your web applications, MySQL is the right choice. You can consider this database for new projects without a second thought. It is easy to migrate to other platforms also. If there are any issues with the database, you can use the robust troubleshooting techniques to fix them at the earliest.

Workflow management 

MySQL database engineYou can exercise absolute control on the workflow management by deploying MySQL as your DBMS. The platform-independent database facilitates you using various operating systems, including Windows, iOS, and Unix/Linux. The database has self-management features through which it can be deployed on any OS very quickly.

Transactional support 

The transactional support offered by the MySQL engine is consistent. It consistently delivers the results, helping you deploy various kinds of web and mobile applications. Users can take advantage of the excellent data integrity offered by the database engine. It facilitates the multi-version transactional support.

Wide range of applications 

MySQL is being used for many applications, including e-commerce, data warehousing, and logging applications. Famous companies such as Uber, Airbnb, Pinterest, Netflix, Amazon, Twitter, and Shopify use MySQL in their tech stacks. With full-text indexing, searching, SSL support, and accessibility to setup features, MySQL is being adapted by many business websites.


MySQL facilitates trustworthy online transactions with utmost database integrity. The sensitive information of users and clients can be processed efficiently by using the MySQL database engine for web applications. If you are for a robust and cost-effective database for your online venture, you can consider MySQL safely.

Mobile App Development

Why opt for blockchain mobile app development?

Blockchain is the most trending buzzword right now; with the rise in technology, blockchain has now become the hot topic of discussion (and doesn’t seem to go out of talk anytime soon!). Blockchain apps and blockchain app development services are now getting renowned, with each day passing by, and the reason for that is quite straightforward! With higher-quality tools, it offers a safe and secure online transaction by integrating complex and encrypted data into a safe mesh that can be helpful for the different businesses and industrial sectors. With its transparency, reduced intermediaries, and high data security, blockchain is now a tech breakthrough global trend with unmatchable possibilities.

Here are some benefits of using blockchain technology with mobile application development service:

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Seven Ways To Optimize WordPress Website Speed & Performance

Majority of websites these days are built on WordPress because it offers the admin the ease of handling the website and make changes as and when required. Still, businesses aim at speeding up WordPress, and luckily, there are numerous techniques that they can use. When the WordPress will work faster, search engines like Google give such website benefit by improving their SERPs, which is a great boon for any organization working hard to boost their social media and search engine presence. Furthermore, it also reduces visitors bounce off rate as the website will load faster, keeping the visitor hooked. If yours is an e-commerce website, then it is more than imperative that the website must load at the earliest otherwise your buyers will move onto the next fast loading site. Before such a thing happens to you, take a look at the top seven ways that can optimize WordPress website speed & performance.

How to Speed up Your WordPress Site

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Outsource Digital Marketing Services

Why outsource digital marketing services to India?

To keep your business running and to enhance profitability, outsourcing is the best option. If you are exploring digital marketing outsourcing services, India has the best potential to fulfill your needs.

The following factors strongly convince why India is the favorite destination to outsource digital marketing services:

Highly competitive rates

By outsourcing, you can cut down business costs. It will reduce the cost of hiring the manpower, tools & machines, and technology. The expansion of business can be accomplished very quickly with little investment.

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Web development company

How to Speed Up WordPress Website Performance?

A website is an integral part of every small and large-scale business. The website should be responsive, quick, and easy to navigate. If your customers face difficulty accessing web pages, it will have a negative impression on your brand. To enhance WordPress website performance, you should take the following steps:

Professional web development services

By choosing a reputed web development service, the traffic on your website can be handled efficiently. The service provider will implement measures to load web pages quickly, and the navigation will be smooth. The page loading should take place quickly to improve the conversion rates. With higher conversion rates, the sales volume will increase, and the organization’s profitability will improve.

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Hybrid Vs Native App

Hybrid VS Native App: Which one to choose for your business?

Mobile application is important for any business and you may also want one for your company. Whenever a company decides to get a mobile application designed, it faces various hurdles. It may be associated with many factors. You might find it hard to choose between hybrid and native app development. If you want to make final and best decision for your mobile app, then this guide can be helpful. We have mentioned differences between hybrid and native app, pros and cons and overall process and performance. Check out the details below:

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Data Entry Services

Benefits of outsourcing data entry services to India

Data entry service comprises the conversion of paper documents into digital documents. It also involves the addition or deletion of records from existing digital files. Every small and large organization digitizes the data for ready reference and quick access. Date entry service can be performed in-house or outsourced to agencies.

There are many benefits to outsourcing data services to India. Time difference, access to a skilled workforce, focus on critical areas of business, enhancement of productivity, quick turnaround, and cost reduction are some attractive factors of outsourcing.

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Software Development Company

How to Choose the Best Software Development Company?

Choosing a software development company is not cumbersome when you exercise due diligence in the selection process. The software firm’s strength and weaknesses can be assessed with various parameters such as reputation, expertise, size, diversity of business interests, business model, communication practices, time zone, and flexibility. You should have firsthand information about development practices, security, maintenance, and support functionalities. The ethical practices implemented by the software vendor, political stability, and government policies will have an impact on the selection.

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